Thursday, January 06, 2011

SRPSKI FILM na top listama

Od kada postoji filmska kritika na Internetu kao žanr koji je već ozbiljno zasenio svoje kolege iz dead tree medija, nije bilo srpskih filmova na godišnjim listama najznačajnih kritičara. Ove godine, međutim, SRPSKI FILM Srđana Spasojevića uspeo je da se nađe na, do sada tri liste, među kojima su najznačajnije ona Todda Browna, sa specijalizovanog sajta Twitch, Drew McWeenyja sa HitFixa i još jedna o kojoj će nešto više reči biti kasnije.
Todd Brown je sa svojim sajtom, ali i kao saradnik specijalizovanih distributerskih kuća imao značajnu ulogu u otkrivanju mnogih zanimljivih žanrovskih i avangardnih reditelja izvan Amerike. On je na svojoj listi, smestio SRPSKI FILM na vrh i napisao:
Love it or hate it, the simple fact is that with his debut film director Srdjan Spasojevic delivered a film that cannot be ignored. And while many tend to get caught up in the extreme elements - and they are extreme - the reality is that this is a phenomenally well made, self assured piece of film. Spasojevic has technical skills, a clear vision and a bold voice, all of which bodes well for whatever he may set his mind to next.
Drew McWeeny, kritičar i scenarista, jedan od suosnivača AICNa smestio je SRPSKI FILM na deseto mesto svoje godišnje liste i o njemu je napisao:
I'm going to predict that this probably isn't coming to a theater near you. Ever. And some people may dismiss "A Serbian Film" as empty shock, but I disagree. This is an amazingly well-crafted film by director Srdjan Spasojevic, co-written with Aleksandar Radivojevic, and as angry a film as I saw this year. I've gotten letters and messages from people outraged that I recommended the film after South By this year because they read some list somewhere of the most extreme ideas or images in the film. I've said it before, but this film proves it as much as anything I've ever seen: context matters. Why you do something, how you do it, and what context it's in absolutely matters, and while I agree… "A Serbian Film" takes you places you are not going to want to go… it does so in service of a world view that is valid and real and bruised, a voice given a dark, horrifyingly funny outlet with this breathtaking bit of savagery.

Konačno, osnivač AICNa i verovatno najpoznatiji Internet kritičar Harry Knowles, stavio je SRPSKI FILM na sedmo mesto svoje liste i o njemu je napisao sledeće:

Of every film on this list, the one that you’re least likely to have an opportunity to ever see, is A SERBIAN FILM. This is a fantastic, brilliant film – that given time, will eventually outgrow the absurd reactions of people that think it is a far harder film than it actually is.

This is a movie about a male Porn Star in Serbia, their Evan Stone if you will, who has retired from the business to raise a family with his beautiful wife and child. As he’s seduced back into the business by a financial incentive that would ensure his family’s security – he takes a gig for a Porn Auteur that nobody has ever heard of. A former child psychologist.

The film reeks of David Fincher & Paul Schrader. The film also echoes THE HANGOVER – in the sense that it does concern trying to piece together what exactly happened, since a character wakes up with little memory of what ensued… and he has to rediscover what did happen.

It is a down right shame that this film has no U.S. distribution of any kind, and while I do understand the why – I absolutely disagree. This is a film that absolutely deserves an NC-17, but that absolutely does not deserve to be unseen, which too often, is the end result of an NC-17 rating. As a result, no one will pick it up. It needs someone like who Harvey Weinstein used to be. This is powerful, uncompromised filmmaking for an Adult audience – and one of the best films of 2010.


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