Friday, February 03, 2012


Nismo ni sumnjali da će Maja Miloš pokoriti Roterdam, a na dodeli nagrada oni su i priznali svoju kapitulaciju. KLIP je osvojio glavnu nagradu Tigar za koju je žiri rekao sledeće >

Clip by Maja Miloš (Serbia, 2012)
‘A vigorous, rebellious, authentic, honest and revealing film using modern means to depict in a punchy way the mobile generation, who capture their lives through images recorded on their phones. An emotionally disturbed main character in a fractured family, within a broken society. Clip provokes many questions and gives no answers.’

Clip saw its world premiere in the Tiger Awards Competition 2012. The film is produced by Film House Bas Celik (Serbia).

A pored nje je osvojio i nagradu holandskih filmskih novinara >

Clip by Maja Miloš (Serbia, 2012)
‘The winning film is a daring and stunning debut, portraying an abandoned Serbian post-war generation. Its talented young director succeeds in constructing a brutal portrait using the pervasive and uninhibited visual language of the cell phone generation. It shows teens obsessively identifying with video clips, glorifying sex and violence and turning themselves into victims of pornofication. Though confronting, disturbing and explicit, Clip skilfully succeeds in avoiding the trap of exploitation. We really hope a Dutch distributor will show the same courage as Maja Miloš did in making this film.’

Clip saw its world premiere in the Tiger Awards Competition 2012.