Friday, December 15, 2006


Iako ne želimo da budemo nepristojni, moramo da vam prenesemo šta smo videli kada smo provirili u prepisku između čelnika WETAe i ekipe ŠEJTANOVOG RATNIKA.
Evo Richardovih komentara na temu ŠEJTANOVOG RATNIKA:
...Bill Hunt went up to Auckland to do 30 Days of Nights so I chose to watch your film again at home with Tania. We loved it! We thought it was a great and accomplished piece of film making that was both funny and gripping with all the performances, as well as direction, camera, sound and music, working at a very high level. The creature effects work was beautifully handled and the filming just revealed enough but kept things hidden at a level that made moments very scary. Apart form the geek, my favourite character was the school teacher – how did you ever find her?
Pored toga što Richard voli Stanislava, očigledno bi odlepio na BOLJI ŽIVOT odakle seže ideja da Svetlana Bojković igra profesorku latinskog.
Čitav intervju sa Richardom Taylorom, čiji ste isečak mogli da vidite na velikoj projekciji ŠEJTANOVOG RATNIKA u Sava Centru, možete naći na Special Edition DVDu koji će se pojaviti za nekoliko meseci.
Dotle, evo jednog fetisha za sve geekove, disclaimer koji možete staviti kao svoj signature u mailovima. Treba da ide u fontu Arial Narrow veličine 10.
Any information and/or images contained within this email are for the use of the recipient only and are sent in confidence and remain the property of Weta Workshop Ltd. The information and/or may not be copied, distributed or forwarded to any other parties. The contents of this document contain information that is confidential to the named recipient. This information may not be used by any other person or organisation. If you have received this in error, please notify us immediately by return mail and return the message with your notification.


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