Monday, September 27, 2010


SRPSKI FILM je postao značajan i među svetskim filmskim autorima. Jedan od rodonačelnika splat packa, i bliski Tarantinov saradnik Eli Roth ga pominje u svom intervjuu kao film sa jednom od najstrašnijih scena koje je gledao. Intervju možete pročitati OVDE.
A za nestrpljive, Roth je rekao (označite tekst zbog spoilera):

Any other stand out scenes from this year?
Well, there is a Serbian film called "A Serbian Film"—it's a self-aware title; it makes sense when you see the movie—and it has some spectacular violence in it. I almost don't want to go into detail.

But you must!
Let's just say I became familiar with the term "newborn porn."

Oh no.
Yeah. They go there. And then it gets worse. Among the horror geeks, it's kinda the movie that's making the rounds right now. People talk about "The Human Centipede" and they go, "Yeah, but have you seen 'A Serbian Film'?" It's becoming that movie. [Editor's Note: Here's a link to the red band trailer, but think carefully about whether you really want to click on this. Please.] But it didn't actually affect me nearly as much as "The Human Centipede," because I could tell it was all makeup and effects. I know when they're having sex with the baby [laughs] that it's not a real baby. When they're ripping out the woman's teeth and suffocating her through forced oral sex, I know that's pretend. And after that the movie kinda goes off the rails.


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U ostatku intervjua eli odlicno objasni zasto film i nije bas dobar

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