Friday, June 17, 2011

HOW I SPENT - vesti

Konačno na nekoliko mesta našli smo informacije o jednom od projekata Mela Gibsona koji deluje kao da ima krajnje neizvesnu budućnost.

Mel Gibson is reportedly planning to return to making movies. The Beaver actor is currently shopping around a picture that he produced titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation. While the film has yet to secure a US distributor, buyers are allegedly showing interest in the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "It's an interesting, cool movie," said an insider. "In fact, it has what I'd call a Tarantino-esque feeling." In addition, a number of agencies are said to be pursing the actor, who was dropped by WME after last summer's voicemail scandal. "There's a lot of interest on the agency side, but I don't think anything is imminent," said Gibson's spokesman Alan Nierob.

S druge strane, o samom radu na filmu, u odličnom članku iz Guardiana piše sledeće:

According to Benoît Debie, cinematographer on How I Spent My Summer Vacation which stars Gibson and will be released later this year: "Mel is very intense. He can be both ways. Sometimes, he'll be very strong and difficult with the crew; sometimes, he can be very nice and kind as well. It's like there are two polarities."
As an example, Debie points to the fact that the film's director, Adrian Grunberg, was hand-picked for the project after the pair worked together on Apocalypto, a Mayan action-adventure set in the Mexican jungle which Gibson had directed, with Grunberg acting as his first assistant. "Mel told him, 'Write a script, I can produce and will act in it and you can direct it,'" recalls Debie. "It was very generous of Mel Gibson to help this young director like that. But at the same time he was quite hard with Adrian on set. Mel could be quite intense with him and sometimes very difficult, a bit overbearing. When Mel was in shot, he liked the camera to see his face. He didn't want to be in the dark because he's a legend, a movie star. He's a good guy but he's troubled."


He is capable of grandiose gestures of kindness. While filming How I Spent My Summer Vacation on location in a prison in Veracruz, Mexico, Gibson learned that an elderly Mexican extra was suffering from cancer. "Gibson found him an alternative cancer therapist in Arizona," says Biskind, who was told the story by a crew member. "He got him a visa by writing to the American ambassador and then flew him there. And this guy was Jewish! The director, Adrian Grunberg, is also Jewish. It just doesn't compute."


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