Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Наш омиљени "регионални" редитељ Дарко Митревски припрема свој први холивудски пројекат, са македонском темом. Ево вести:
Producers’ team of film “The Third Halftime”, written and directed by Darko Mitrevski, will arrive at the beginning of May in Macedonia. Double “Oscar” winner Branko Lustic will lead the Hollywood team of “Kings Road Entertainment” film company.
Kiril Dzajkovski will be the music author in the film, to be shot in English language, with Hollywood casting, alongside a number of Macedonian and Balkan actors.
“The Third Halftime” is a film story about Skopje football team “Makedonija”, which won the championship of former fascist football league in the course of World War II, coached by Jew Spic.
According to Mitrevski, the spectacular football games of the 1930s and 1940s will be shown for the first time, along with other historical events, such as Macedonia under fascist occupation, the tragedy and holocaust of Macedonian Jews, as well as the struggle of a small country to gain its freedom and independence.
“In the semifinal, 10,000 people start to chant from the stands ‘Makedonija, Makedonija’. Children around the stadium say ‘The supporters chant the name of our team’, and a man from the crowd says, ‘It is not only the name of our team. It is the name of our country’. It is exciting for me as the author, but also for everyone in Macedonia, when this sentence is spoken in cinemas in America and Europe”, says director Mitrevski.
ДОБА НЕВИНОСТИ је у време изласка његовог претходног филма у српским биоскопима урадило интервју са Митревским. Можете га прочитати овде.