Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Novi srpski film je ove jeseni počeo da nastupa na međunarodnim festivalima.
Sa londonskog Raindancea dolazi i prva inostrana kritika ŽIVOTA I SMRTI PORNO BANDE Mladena Đorđevića koju u originalnom kontekstu možete pročitati OVDE.
Inače, kritičar kaže:
I had decided I didn't want to see any more films about frustrated film-makers and blocked writers, I didn't want to see anymore films shot entirely on handheld digital video, I didn't want to see any more films featuring non-diegetic pop music, I didn't want to see any more films which strive to explore the links between sex, death and artistic creativity, and I didn't want to see any more films in which the characters get stoned and wig out a bit. And then I saw The Life and Death of Porno Gang, which does all of those things but carries the whole off with such aplomb that one can't fail to be seduced by it. The plot follows Marko (Mihaljo Jovanovic), an aspiring young film-maker, sacked from his job as a porn director for being too arty, who takes his friends out on the road on a tour of rural Serbian villages as the first ever avant garde porno cabaret troupe. After a series of hostile receptions, things go from bad to worse when a sinister German businessman persuades Marko to become the first auteur of snuff. As the humour gets blacker, the narrative and imagery become increasingly depraved, riffing through rape, murder and animal cruelty with irreverent gusto. Several people walked out of the cinema (after the animal cruelty, naturally. We might call Bardot Syndrome the ability to endure, even celebrate, any imaginable cruelty towards humans so long as nothing happens to anything cute and fluffy). But The Life and Death of a Porno Gang is not without its pathos. The ghosts of war keep returning - the first time as farce (a hardcore film shoot is interrupted by bomb blasts), and the second as harrowing tragedy (a former soldier who volunteers to be murdered on camera). Rarely has a film displayed the scars of its country so brutally whilst simultaneously being so funny.
A sa njujorškog Gotham Festivala stiže i radosna vest o nagradi za BEOGRADSKOG FANTOMA Jovana Todorovića koji je osvojio nagradu za najbolji dokumentarni film.
FANTOM nastavlja svoj festivalski život regionalnom premijerom na Ljubljana Film Festivalu a evropsku festivalsku premijeru imaće na izuzetno značajnom IDFA festivalu dokumentarnog filma u Amsterdamu. Nastupi na ovim festivalima doveli su do još nekih poziva o kojima ćemo vas blagovremeno obavestiti.


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