Saturday, February 26, 2011


Uprkos tome što nema previše informacija o novom filmu Mela Gibsona HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION, o kome se još uvek priča manje nego o THE BEAVERu, pravi fanovi uvek uspevaju da iskopaju poneki detalj. Evo, nekih informacija koje su se pojavile u intervjuu sa glumcem Tom Schanleyem:

You have some cool projects coming up, namely in film. Let's start with How I Spent My Summer Vacation (2011), starring Mel Gibson.

Yea, that was a fun little film to shoot. I say little because he did it under his Icon banner. It wasn't a studio film and was done completely independent. It wasn't a 100 million dollar film, so it was a lower budget film. . We shot in Mexico. It's an action movie but with a lot of humor in it. Gibson likes to interject that into pretty much everything he does. So it's got that Lethal Weapon flavor to it in terms of the tongue-in-cheek stuff that happens.

Your character is a hit-man who chases down Gibson's character throughout the film, correct?

Yea, he's sort of playing both sides. He (Mel) steals this money (we don't know how he steals it), and he steals it from a Crime Boss of sorts, and we work for him. We're following him around and he eventually ends up crashing over the border and ends up in Mexico, so we have to chase him into Mexico.

How about the filming itself?

It certainly had the luxury of being a larger budget, low budget film, so they had plenty of resources, but I think creatively when Mel's doing it all himself, what he says goes and he's a pretty creative guy. We were doing a lot of stuff on the fly so it seemed to be a really good collaborative process. It was terrific.

When does the film come out?

We don't know yet. Obviously because of some of the controversy, a lot of stuff has been delayed. The Beaver (2011) will be the first one to come out of his, and this will follow. You probably won't see this one before the summer.


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